Product packaging

Product packaging

Forsberg’s new, modern and food package accepted packaging factory will be ready for production during spring 2019. At the same time a new, modern production line for packaging will be taken in use. We are producing cardboard packaings with high-quality in large and small runs, with or without printing.

We are also available to provide you with technical assistance, help with layout and designs for packaging. Essentially all you need is an idea or need for smart packaging, and we can help with the rest. Contact us for a discussion or for price information.

Good packaging sells

By using good packaging, you can increase your sales and achieve better earnings. Good packaging makes customers’ purchasing decisions easier and elevates the product’s image. The packaging is an important part of the company’s brand creation and therefore plays a major role in marketing.

Forsberg’s packaging division includes packaging design, packaging printing and post-processing. The number of packaging solutions is endless, and we cannot present them all on our website. We have divided our packaging products into different categories under which we present different models and options. Also visit our inspiration gallery.

Contact us to get a better idea of which solutions would suit you and your products.